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The ICJHR addresses an open letter to the dignitaries

and officials of the UAE on the human rights situation

Geneva, July 18, 2017

The International Center for Justice and Human Rights (ICJHR) in Geneva has addressed a number of Emirati officials and dignitaries in a letter that includes three parts:

The ICJHR firstly enumerated the gross human rights violations that have been monitored and have affected the personal safety of political activists, human rights defenders and bloggers as well as their physical and moral integrity and their right to be treated with dignity and to have full reparation and rehabilitation after being subjected to torture and ill-treatment by the state authorities. In fact, torture in secret detention centers, enforced disappearances, degrading treatment in prisons, arbitrary deprivation of nationality and unjustified placement in counseling centers are some of the various human rights violations that were monitored by the ICJHR and mentioned in the letter.

In the second part of the letter, the ICJHR recalled of the provisions of the UAE Constitution which guarantee the rights and freedoms, and of the conventions ratified by the Emirati officials, especially the Convention against Torture and other relevant international standards and the commitments made during the 2013 Human Rights Periodic Review and that have not been fulfilled yet.

By the end of the letter, The International Center for Justice and Human Rights called on the officials and dignitaries of the United Arab Emirates to intervene in order to lift these grievances and desist from violating the rights of political activists, jurists and bloggers and to abide by international treaties and accelerate the implementation of the commitments made by the UAE in 2013. 

 open letter pdf

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