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badr al bahri et al helou


Geneva, 27 October 2015

Badr Al-Bahri, Abdullah Al-Helo and Ahmed Mohamed Al-Mulla are still held in arbitrary detention. The last information received by the International Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ICJHR) highlights the fact that the human rights activists, Mr. Al-Helo and Mr. Al-Mulla, were transferred to the Al Wathba Prison in August 22, 2014. Concerning Mr. Al-Bahri his family was able to visit him in July 2014, probably in Al Wathba Prison.

We recall that the three men were arrested by the State security officers in Dubai. Since then, the three men have been arbitrary detained for several months without any trial or charge. The Security guards of Al-Qusais arrested on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Mr. Al-Bahri after searching his house and terrorizing his children. They transferred him to Abu Dhabi for unknown reasons in the early hours of April 23. On the same day, Mr. Al-Helo was arrested in the similar circumstances of Mr. Al-Bahri’s.

An Emirati activist, Mr. Mulla, 48 years old, was arrested in the similar circumstances, in May 1, 2014 by the State security officers in Dubai. He was arrested, handcuffed in front of his wife, children and a relative, and taken to an unknown location. His family does not know the reasons why he was arrested.

By these arbitrary detentions, the UAE is violating several local and international laws. Arbitrary detention is prohibited under Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of human rights, Article 9(1) of International Covenant on civil and political rights, article 14(1) of the Arab Charter on Human Rights, Article 37(b) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 26 of the UAE Constitution. These detainees arbitrary held are not informed of the reasons for their arrest and continuous detention in breach of Article 109 of the UAE’s Criminal Procedure Law (In its Chapter 3). An Initial detention should be ordered by the public prosecution and the extended detention should be allowed by the judge according to this Article.

The ICJHR denounces and condemns this continuous arbitrary detention and urges the UAE to:

  1. Immediately and unconditionally, release Ahmed Mohamed Mulla, Bader Al-Bahri and Abdulla Al-Helo, as no charges have been directed against them.
  2. Take measures to end arbitrary detention in the UAE and guarantee the right of families to information relating to places of detainee’s detention.
  3. Guarantee that the Emirati judiciary is unbiased and is not subject to the control of the state security agency.
  4. Respect all its international obligations especially those ratified during the session of Human Rights Council in 2013.
  5. Take measures to end arbitrary detention in the UAE.
  6. Respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which stipulates in its article 9 that no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.
  7. Respect the Standard minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners, the Basic principles for the treatment of prisoners and the Body of principles for the protection of all persons under any form of detention or imprisonment.
  8. Ratify the International Covenant on civil and political right.

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