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Geneva, 20 May 2015

The State Security Court at the Federal Supreme Court has sentenced, on Monday 18, 2015, Hamad Ali Al-Hamadi, who is a Qatari national, to 10 years imprisonment and fined him 1 million Dh, while four others working at the Qatari Ministry of Interior were sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment. They're Jassem Mohamed Al-Abdallah, Ahmed Khamis Al-Kubaisi, Rached Abdallah Al-Mari and Amer Mohamed Al-Hamidi.

In fact, the General Prosecution charged them with creating and running websites that insulted the UAE’s leadership through accounts named “Bouaskour” on Twitter and Instagram.

It's also worth noting that Al-Hamadi stood before the State Security Court, which is a first instance court that doesn't allow appeals. Yet, his trial was supposed to be held before a regular court so that he can appeal the court’s decision. That is to say, that the trial of Al-Hamidi didn't comply with justice standards set by the international law as well as human rights law.

Last March, the Emirati authorities also released without charges, Youssef Al-Molla who is a Qatari national, one day after the visit of the National Human Rights Committee delegation in Qatar to the UAE. This decision didn't include Hamad Al-Hamadi.

Al-Hamadi and Al-Molla were both detained at Ghowaifat border checkpoint, in June 2014, when they attempted to enter the Emirates. However, the Qatari authorities weren't formally informed of their detention.

Mohamed Al-Jida, a Qatari doctor sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment in March 2014, as he was charged of cooperation with a banned association inside UAE. The decision was final with no possibility to appeal.

The International Centre for Justice and Human Rights calls all international organizations to continue their efforts to ensure human rights and freedoms inside the UAE and condemns the unfair sentence on Al-Hamadi and the rest of the Qatari nationals who were sentenced in absentia. The ICJHR calls the Emirati authorities to:

  1. Immediately release Hamad Ali Al-Hamadi in the absence of any evidence to a criminal offence he may has committed, especially that his trial didn't comply with the international standards of justice
  2. Guarantee a transparent, fair and just trial before regular courts in order to ensure the rights of accused persons to appeal
  3. Guarantee the impartiality of the UAE judiciary system and its complete independence from any pressure that may be practiced by the State Security Apparatus
  4. Stop the arrest and detention at airports and border checkpoints without charges where the detainee can be abused and has his rights violated
  5. Respect its international obligations and enforce them

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