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صورة سحين
Urgent Appeal

UAE authorities continue to detain the sisters Asma, Meriem and Al Yazyyah Khalifa Alsuwaidi

Geneva on February 23, 2015

Week over the disappearance of Asma, Meriem and Al Yazyyah Khalifa Alsuwaidi in the security apparatus of Abu Dhabi on February 15. They were summoned to the police station in Abu Dhabi without charge or apparent reason for the investigation and detention.

It's known that they are sisters of the prisoner of conscience, Isa Khalifa Al Suwaidi, sentenced in the case of the UAE 94 trial. It's believed to be detained on the back of their activities on social Medias and defending their detainee brother sentenced to ten years of prison for demanding political reforms. It was an unfair trial condemned by international organizations. Asma Khalifa Al Suwaidi was worked in social media office of Sheikha Fatima bin Mubarak, mother of the crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Meriem Khalifa Al Suwaidi was the holder of MS in psychology and Alyazzyah, was the holder of PhD in cultural communication.

Since February 15, the family hasn't got any information stating the whereabouts of the sisters as the authorities refused to disclose the place of their arrest. We don't know the conditions of detention and feared of their exposure to psychological and physical harm because of the enforced disappearance, during which security forces exercised numerous violations in the strictest confidence.

We have already drawn attention in previous statements to the violation of the UAE's security apparatus to the Convention against Torture when it has hidden places of detention where it was practiced forms of torture and ill-treatment.

The International Center for Justice and Human Rights expresses its extreme displeasure of disgraceful dealing of Emirati authorities towards prisoners of conscience and policy of reprisals towards families pursued with women and children, which have no sin. This is a violation of customs and traditions established in the UAE, event the violation of the UAE Constitution and the laws of the Country.

We call on the security authorities in the UAE to disclose the place of detention of Asma, Meriem and Alyazyyah Khalifa Al Suwaidi and to immediately release them and not to offend them.

We call on all human rights organizations to contact the UAE authorities for the release of the three sisters and to ensure their safe return to their homes and reassure their families.

For more information, please contact us at the number 0041791290906