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Geneva, on January 16, 2020


The International Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ICJHR) has learned that prominent lawyer and human rights defender Dr Mohammed Al-Mansouri has been finally granted the right to contact his family, after spending over a year in a solitary confinement cell at Al-Razeen prison.


In October 2019, the ICJHR raised concerns over the situation of Dr Al-Mansouri who hasn’t been seen for over a year. He was in fact denied all contact with his family and the outside world since 2018.


Before his arrest, Dr Al-Mansouri was a prominent lawyer and activist who occupied several key positions within State institutions. He was also member of several civil society organisations in the UAE and abroad. Dr Al-Mansouri was among the signatories of the 2011-petition calling for a political reform. In this petition, the signatories urged the rulers of the UAE to address major issues, in particular to grant full legislative and consultative authority to the Federal National Council.


In the wave of mass arrests and the violent crackdown on peaceful dissent conducted by the authorities, Dr Al-Mansouri was arrested in July 2012 and charged, along with 93 other individuals, within the case known as the “UAE 94” trial. He was convicted for “attempting to overthrow the government” and other vaguely worded charges.


Dr Al-Mansouri was detained incommunicado and tortured until he signed forced confessions, on the basis of which he was sentenced to 10 years in prison in a grossly unfair and politically motivated trial.


The case of Dr Al-Mansouri is one among many others at Al-Razeen prison and in other detention facilities in the UAE. Many other detainees face similar treatments in detention but their case often go unnoticed. Given the harsh treatment and continuous harassment and intimidation of the authorities against the detainees and their families, most violations remain unreported for fear of reprisals.


The ICJHR welcomes the step taken to finally allow Mohammed Al-Mansouri to contact his family and urges the authorities to improve the detention conditions of all detainees and grant them regular visits and contact with their families.


We remain worried about the number of inmates reporting prolonged periods of isolation and urge the authorities to immediately put an end to this practice. 


The Centre further urges the United Arab Emirates to release all prisoners of conscience without delay.

For more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..