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Geneva, on September 25, 2019

Last Thursday, at the42ndsession of the Human Rights Council, the UN Assistant Secretary-Generalfor Human RightsAndrewGuilmourpresented theannualreport of the UN Secretary-General on“the cooperation with the United Nations, its representatives and mechanisms in the field of human rights”. The reportprovidesinformation on alleged acts of intimidation and reprisals during the past year, and follows up on cases included in the Secretary-General’s previous report.

Earlier this year, the International Centre for Justice and Human Rights submitted information on casesof reprisalsin the United Arab Emirates, raising to the attention of the Secretary-General the case of Amina Al-Abdouli, Maryam Al-BallushiandAlyaAbdulnoor. The ICJHR alsoraised the case ofOsama Al-Najjar and prominent activistAhmed Mansour, detainedsince 2017for denouncing human rights violations in the UAE andforproviding information to NGOs and the UN human rights mechanisms.

The UN Secretary-General addressed in his report the violations and reprisalsagainsttargeted a large number of Emirati activists,includingAhmed Mansour and Osama Al-Najjar,and the three female detaineesAmina Al-Abdouli, Maryam Al-BallushiandAlyaAbdulnoor.Mansoor and Al-Najjarwereboth been detained for reporting violations to human rights organisations and for cooperating with the UN Special Procedures.As for Al-Abdouli, Al-BallushiandAbdulnoor, all three of them were subjected to acts of reprisals and put under pressure after the ICJHR submitted their case to the UN special procedures.

AlyaAbdulnoordied in May 2019 after four years of detention withoutreceiving adequatemedicalattention. Arrested by the State Securityforceson July 28, 2015,Alyawas tortured and subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment. She was diagnosed with cancer shortly after her arrest but was never granted medical treatment to treat her disease.Weeks after an urgent appeal submitted by the ICJHR and MENA Rights Groupto UN Special Procedures in December 2018,Alyawas transferred from a hospital to another where her detention conditions deteriorated considerably.Despite the medical reports stating that she was living her final days and the call of UN experts to release her on medical grounds,Alyawas left to die in a windowless room, shackled to her bed, and denied the right to die in dignity with her family, as granted by the Emirati law.

Last year, the ICJHRreleasedvoice recordingsofAmina Al-Abdouli andMaryamSulaymanAl-Ballushi,leaked out of prison. Both recordingshave reportedacts ofenforced disappearanceand torture for months insecret detention centres.

AminaAl-Abdouliwas arrested on November 19, 2015after araid at her housebythe State Security forces. She was later transferred to a secret prison and held in a narrow room without windows, where she was abused, tortured and subjected to ill-treatment.Aminawasintimidated and threatened after her case was reported by NGOs and UN human rights mechanisms. She was arbitrarily deprived of family visits and denied the right to see her children.

MaryamAl-Ballushi, a student at the Technical College, has been keptin secretdetentionforfive months. She was also tortured, beatenupand threatened which caused her severe injuries and pain.The health status of both detainees hasseriously deteriorated because of theappallingdetention conditionsatAl-Wathbaprisonand theconstantill-treatment, humiliating searches and harassment.After their case was raised by UN experts, their situation worsened and the ill-treatment increased. On May 4,afterdeath ofAlyaAbdulnoor, many officers conducted a violent search of their cell, insulted and humiliated both women, and threatened to harm them if they ever speak again.

Despite the concerningmedicalcondition of both detainees, theprison administration did notgrantthemhealth careand refused to transfer them toahospitalorthe medical clinic of the prison. They have completely ignored the poor health conditionsof the two detaineesin breach of the UAE duty to provide specialised treatment and appropriate medicines.

The International Centre for Justice and Human Rights supports the recommendationsissuedin the report of the UN Secretary-General and urges the UAE authorities to immediately release detained human rights activists, bloggers and politicians, to stop reprisals, intimidation and threats against them and abide by international standards and practices in dealing with prisoners of conscience.

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