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Copy of Copy of الامارات 4

Geneva, on March 8, 2019


On the International Women’s Day, the International Centre for Justice and Human Rights remains concerned with the systematic human rights violations of women's rights in the United Arab Emirates. The Centre has particularly noted the serious abuses committed against female detainees in the Emirati jails.


Among the victims of torture and ill-treatment in custody, the ICJHR and other human rights organisations shed light on many occasions on the case of Alya Abdulnoor and asked for her immediate release on medical grounds. Arrested in 2015 for donations she made to needy Syrian families, Alya was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after her arrest. Cancer has now reached its final stages, and the family is currently struggling to take her home and allow her to die in dignity with her loved ones.


Despite the multiple requests filed by the family, the authorities have refused to take measures to protect the victim, who remains in custody at Tawam hospital, where she is chained to her bed in deplorable conditions.


On February 26, 2019, UN Experts issued a joint statement demanding the release of Alya Abdulnoor on medical grounds. They further called for an impartial investigation into the allegations of torture and ill-treatment and all other alleged violations, in compliance with the provisions of the Convention against Torture.


In May 2018, recording of prisoners Amina Al-Abduli, Alya Abdulnoor and Maryam Al Ballushi were leaked to the media. In these recordings, the three women described their abduction and secret detention by the State Security Forced for months. They also described how they had been tortured, humiliated, denied their most fundamental rights and forced to sign confessions under duress without being allowed to read them. They also described the poor detention conditions in Al Wathba prison and the overcrowded and unsanitary cells. Despite these serious allegations, no measures have been taken by the authorities to investigate the alleged violations.


Finnish woman Tina Jauhianen is another witness of the serious abuses against women in the UAE. She was arrested in March 2018 with  Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum while she was fleeing the country to escape her father’s abuses and gain her freedom.

After her arrest, Tina Jauhianen was beaten up, threatened and forced to sign confessions under duress, she was released two weeks later and threatened with death if she dared to speak about her detention conditions, "even in Finland."


On December 6, 2018, UN Special Procedures sent an urgent appeal to the UAE authorities asking them to clarify the whereabouts of Sheikha Latifa and immediately put her under the protection of the law.


The International Centre for Justice and Human Rights is concerned about the current situation of women in the UAE and hopes to see consistent progress made by authorities to improve their conditions. It is noteworthy that the UAE’s report to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is to be submitted in November 2019.


In view of its review before the CEDAW and before the Committee against Torture (CAT) in 2020, the ICJHR urges the government of the United Arab Emirates to take all necessary measures to stop all human rights violations against women and bring the situation into line with international human rights law.

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