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Annual Report 2016: Human rights in UAE


The situation of human rights in the UAE has not changed much during 2015 despite many promises of the government. To muzzle, the UAE uses all possible means…
UAE: Authorities revoked the citizenship of 3 Emirati citizens and turned them to statelessness in their own country Geneva, 14 March 2016 The UAE Security Authorities revoked the citizenship of two daughters and son of the prisoner of conscious, Mohammed Abdulraziq Al-siddiq, who was…
UAE:  The happiness of some women hides the misfortune of others Geneva, 08 March 2016 An overview of the situation of women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not conclude to a real progress. At the occasion of the International…
Anniversary of the mass UAE 94 trial: Freedom for prisoners of conscience in UAE Geneva, March 4, 2016 Today is the third anniversary of the beginning of UAE94 trialin the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This trial, which began on 4 March 2013 before the…
UAE: Obaid Yousef Al Zaabi in custody since 2014 despite his acquittal Geneva, February 24, 2016 Much time has passed since the arrest and arbitrary detention in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of the human rights activist, Obaid Yousef Al…